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Instacart pricing

We know how important pricing and understanding charges are to our customers. We want to make sure our pricing is transparent and easy to understand.

Item pricing

All the prices you see on our platform are set by the retailer. Because of this, some prices are higher than in-store prices. You can view individual pricing policies for each retailer by clicking on the View pricing policy link at the top of the retailer’s storefront on both the website and in the Instacart app.

Coupons and promo codes

Coupons and in-store discounts are sometimes available on our website. Although we’re unable to always offer the same in-store discounts on our platform, we offer a variety of coupons. The coupons you see on Instacart are manufacturer’s coupons that are automatically applied to the qualifying items in your cart. 

Please note that if the original item has to be replaced with a different item that doesn’t qualify, you won’t be able to receive the discount.

If you receive a promo code, you’ll need to add it to your account before you can apply it to an order. You’ll be able to see if you have any active promo codes in the Promo Codes section of your account.

You can add active promo codes to your account in the app or on the website.

In the app–

  1. Tap Your Profile in the top left corner
  2. Add Promo
  3. Redeem
  4. Enter the code and tap Redeem

On the website–

  1. Once you’ve logged in, click Account
  2. Credits & promo codes
  3. Add the promo code and click Redeem

Once you’ve added the promo code to your account, you’re all done! The promo will be added automatically to the next order that doesn’t contain alcohol. Due to local laws and regulations, we’re not able to apply promos to alcohol. 


Credits are added to your account if you experience order or delivery issues or if you refer friends to the Instacart platform. You don’t have to do anything to accept or apply these. They will automatically apply to any order that doesn’t contain alcohol.


Refer up to 5 friends by email, Facebook, or referral link. They’ll get a $10 credit on their first order, and you’ll get a $10 credit once their first delivery is complete.

In the app–

  1. Tap the Account icon 
  2. Tap Invite friends
  3. Tap Find contacts to connect your contacts OR
  4. Share your referral link

On the web–

  1. Log in and click Account
  2. Click Invite friends
  3. Select Refer Your Friends 
  4. Share your referral information via link, social media, or entering the email addresses of the people you want to refer.

You can refer up to 5 friends for a total of $50 referral credit.

Terms of Promos & Coupons

Instacart fees

Instacart charges fees based on the services being offered. You can find the breakdown of specific fees here. 

Delivery Fee

Delivery fees can differ based on the time you want your order delivered, and how large the order is. Delivery fees are higher during busy times. There will be a clear indication of this when you are choosing your delivery time.

Delivery fees range from $3.99-$7.99. As always, Instacart Express members get free delivery on orders over $35. 

If your order is late but you paid for busy pricing delivery, we will automatically refund the busy pricing fee, however the regular delivery fee will still apply.

Keep in mind that all orders must be at least $10 before you’re eligible for delivery. 

Bottle deposit and bag fees

These fees are collected in accordance with local city and state laws where applicable. To find more information about your state’s bottle deposit fees, please visit bottlebill.org.

To see your state’s bag fees, visit ncsl.org

Taxes & Fees

Like any other service or product, taxes are included in the order totals on your delivery receipt that’s emailed to you upon the completion of your order. The tax and/or fees you pay on products purchased through the Instacart platform are calculated the same way as in a physical store.  Depending on your location, the delivery or service fee that you pay to Instacart in exchange for its service may also be subject to tax.

There are a few different taxes involved when you place an order–

  • Sales tax: The sales tax may be applied to some or all of the items in your order in accordance with local laws depending on the address of the store or your delivery address.
  • Bottle Deposit:  In certain jurisdictions, a bottle fee may apply to purchases of bottles, cans, or other recyclable containers.  These deposits may be applied on some or all of the items in your order in accordance with local laws depending on the address of the store.
  • Bag Fees:  In certain jurisdictions, a fee is charged for use of non-reusable bags.  This fee may be applied to your order in accordance with local laws depending on the address of the store.
  • Sugar Sweetened Beverage Fees:  In certain jurisdictions, sugary beverages are subject to an additional tax.  These fees may be applied on some or all of the items in your order in accordance with local laws depending on the address of the store.
  • San Francisco Healthy Tax: This tax applies only to orders within the city of San Francisco. Visit sfgov.org to learn more.


We encourage tipping as a way to show Shoppers appreciation and recognition for excellent service. 100% of your tip goes directly to the Shopper delivering your order. 

A default 5% tip is suggested at checkout. Tips are optional and may be adjusted up to three days after your delivery is complete. 

You can modify the tip both while placing an order and after delivery is complete.

In the app–

  1. Tap Account
  2. Your orders
  3. Choose your recent order
  4. Tap Rate order
  5. You can rate any replacements if applicable, and select a tip 

On the website–

  1. Log in and click Account
  2. Click Your orders
  3. Click Rate & Tip

Service fee

What is the service fee on my order?

There is a 5% (or $2 minimum) service fee that applies to non-alcohol items for a la carte (non-Express) customers. The service fee is not a tip.

What is the alcohol service fee?

The 5% service fee does not apply to alcohol. The alcohol service fee covers the additional cost associated with ensuring compliant delivery of alcohol products and ID verification. The alcohol service fee that applies to the alcohol portion of your order is:

  • $0-$35 of alcohol: $2.00 fee
  • $35.01-$75 of alcohol: $4.00 fee
  • $75.01-$110 of alcohol: $8.00 fee
  • $110.01 or more of alcohol: $10.00 fee

What if I am an Instacart Express member?

Express members pay a service fee starting as low as 1.9% but are not charged an alcohol service fee.

Is there a service fee for Pickup orders?

No, there is no service fee or alcohol service fee for Pickup orders. 

What is the tip on my order?

The default tip is 5%, or it can be the percentage you chose for your most recent order, with a minimum suggestion of $2 per individual store delivery. Tips are optional and the default tip may be adjusted at checkout or up to 3 days after the order is delivered. 

Shoppers appreciate tips as a way of recognizing great service. 100% of your tip goes directly to the shopper delivering your order.

Why did my service fee total change after delivery?

At checkout, we show you the estimated total for your order. Changes to your order, such as replacing or refunding an item, may adjust your final charge. The final service fee and suggested tip on your receipt is based on the final order total at delivery. For more information about order changes, visit this article.